MASSP is looking for two dynamic and highly accomplished leaders to join our team. If this opportunity piques your interest, please review this article that provides additional information about the expectations of the work before you apply. 

Associate Director- Training & Development- This position requires a candidate who has extensive experience teaching adult learners. This employee will provide 5D+ teacher evaluation training, mentor/coaching and any other training that is needed/requested for in- person, remote and/or via online modules. The position requires extensive field work and frequent travel in state and occasionally out of the state. To be successful, the employee must be a highly motivated self-starter who enjoys learning, researching, developing presentations, facilitating, and growing leadership and instructional skills in others.

Associate Director- Member Services & Outreach- This is a new position that will help fill many gaps at MASSP in terms of planning face-to face and online events for both MASSP & MASC/MAHS, event facilitation, member recruitment and communications. This employee will also design and implement diversity, equity and inclusion programs that advances cultural competency and bias awareness, deals with microaggressions or unconscious biases, and fosters value and empowerment for all. To be successful the employee must be a dynamic, engaging individual with strong interpersonal, organizational and written/verbal communication skills. 

Additional Considerations:

  • MASSP is not part of the MPSRS retirement system. It is important to discuss the ramifications of leaving the public school employee retirement system with your financial planner prior to applying for this position (e.g. freezing your retirement, actually retiring, etc.).
  • Working for the Association could require a significant shift in work mode. The successful candidate will be part of a small team and will not have a dedicated assistant. Strong technology skills and a willingness to learn how to best utilize Mac products, Google docs and Zoom is a must.
  • The MASSP office building is in Lansing. Office space is available, but remote work in a home office will also be necessary.
  • These positions are not 8-5 and will require travel both in and out of the state. 
  • The job description and scope of work are fluid. Trends in education and the needs of the membership drive this work which can be ever changing. It is essential to be a continuous learner to proactively lead the membership.
  • Experience as a building principal is required for both of these positions. As a member of the MASSP staff, supporting individual members is a high priority. For this reason, the start date is flexible, as it is recognized that the successful candidates may need to complete a marking period or the school year.
  • The team culture at MASSP is essential to our success as an organization. Individuals who fill these positions will be expected to contribute to the team as a whole, as well as excelling in their individual role. 
  • We are all very passionate about MASSP’s mission. There is a high sense of passion and pride about the work the MASSP team engages and services we provide. 
  • As a leader of leaders, a high degree of professionalism, integrity and positive association representation is expected.

Please see the postings for more detailed information about these positions. 

Written by Wendy Zdeb, MASSP Executive Director