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Jessica Lupone, Associate (Assistant) Principal of Bloomfield Hills High School, has been named Michigan’s 2024 Assistant Principal of the Year by the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals and the Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies. Lupone will represent Michigan as the state’s nominee for the National Association of Secondary School Principals Assistant Principal of the Year competition; which will be awarded in April during Trailblazing Leadership Weekend at the 2024 State APOY Celebration in Washington, D.C. 

Lupone was nominated by a previous co-student adviser, along with her student advisory groups, and received numerous support from superiors, coworkers and the community. 

"We are so proud of Jessica and she is so deserving of this recognition. Jessica is admired and loved by everyone she comes in contact with, and known as an outstanding leader who can get things done,” said Randy Liepa, Bloomfield Hills Schools Interim Superintendent. “We are so happy she is receiving this acknowledgement as she represents the many fine and caring administrators in our district."

She has spent all 23 years of her career in education at Bloomfield Hills Schools; from a teacher to a student leadership adviser to her current role as a building leader since 2019. 

“Over the years we have had many advisers make the transition from educator to administrator, a transition that carries different responsibilities and can change your interaction with students,” said Matt Alley, MASSP Associate Director of Student Services. “In working with Jessica for years as a dedicated student adviser, her students will be the first to tell you that although she has a different office, her dedication and commitment to her student body remains her primary focus each and every day. Jessica has a remarkable ability to connect with students, parents and staff, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.”

Throughout Lupone’s nomination she is described as a friend, mentor, loving caretaker, charismatic personality, champion for excellence, having a meticulous work ethic and great attention to detail.

"She constantly goes out of her way to accommodate student endeavors, fostering an inspiring, inclusive and positive environment. Her positive attitude gives every student the confidence to take risks in new situations, which in the end, makes our school community a better place," said Michael Dillon, 2022-23 Student Director of Equity and Inclusion. 

To be eligible for this prestigious award, an individual must show work to progress student activity groups, school leaders and their building culture.

Lupone is described as an “unwavering advocate for students.” This is evident in the work she does, from promoting school culture activities to facilitating meetings for professional development planning, from running PD sessions to creating the master schedule, and going above and beyond facilitating student council, student clubs, and leadership of social activism oriented school clubs such as the BHHS Student Senate, Global Equity Team, and Student Equity Council (diversity, equity and inclusion), to name a few. 

“Her whole focus during her career has been supporting the success of students both in and out of the classroom,” said Charlie Hollerith, retired BHHS Principal. 

Dillion describes Lupone’s philosophy as guiding students through processes and assisting them on projects, without dictating or directing them; Dillion said she brings out the best in students. 

“She is a passionate, inclusive, hardworking role model that every school desires to have,” Dillion said.“The lessons gained from interacting with her leave enduring impacts on anyone. She has the rare ability to inspire, educate and advocate for anyone.” 

BHHS Associate Principal Jason Ohrt said Lupone believes in and demonstrates collaborative leadership.

"She has a growth mindset and is willing to learn in order to better support all stakeholders,” Hollerith said. “She leads by example and is one of the most loyal and dedicated colleagues I have ever worked with.”

Lupone’s previous supervisor, Lawrence Stroughter, said she has built a well deserved reputation and is highly regarded and respected within the school community at all levels. 

“With me being the new principal of BHHS, Jessica has been invaluable in supporting me, our staff and our students to ensure our year is off to a great start,” BHHS Principal Dan Hartley said. “She has dedicated her career to serving the Bloomfield Hills community [...]. She works tirelessly to build strong relationships with students, staff and families in order to make our school the best it can be. She is an instructional leader, problem solver, and fierce advocate for our students and school community.”

Her nominators pointed out that since her time as Assistant Principal, Lupone has done all she can to not only maintain a sense of community, but further strengthen it.

BHHS Instructional Coach, English Department and Student Leadership Adviser & National Honor Society Adviser Krista Laliberte nominated Lupone for APOY. 

“Jessica Lupone is an incredibly devoted and passionate educator that is most deserving to be recognized for her enthusiasm and dedication to her career and demonstration of innovative, inspirational and motivational leadership in our district,” Laliberte said. “Jessica is the heart of the school community and goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is dedicated to creating a positive school culture, but more importantly, supporting and empowering the lives of the students and staff. It has been an honor to work alongside and learn from her as a respected colleague, role model and dear friend.”

Lupone was surprised by MASSP and her district during BHHS’s Homecoming Assembly to announce she was selected as the award recipient. 

“A great way to celebrate an important week during high school is to honor a deserving leader with an award at the Homecoming Assembly,” said Wendy Zdeb, MASSP Executive Director. “Lupone is student focused and a devoted administrator to her community. It is an honor to have her represent Michigan as the 2024 Assistant Principal of the Year.” 

Additional qualification for this award is that nominees must have served as Assistant Principal for at least three years in grades 6-12, list/descriptions of professional accolades/service, variety of recommendation letters and narratives to describe leadership and impact. The selection committee includes students from the MASC/MAHS Board of Delegates and principals from the MASSP Board of Directors.

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