In January, MASSP hosted the MMC Flexibility Conference jointly with the Michigan Department of Education. During the conference, MDE staff held a series of extended question and answer sessions with attendees. As promised, MDE has since compiled all those questions and their answers into a new Q&A document. This resource provides a wealth of detailed and specific information on every imaginable MMC-related topic. It also represents the collective work of many different experts within MDE from pupil accounting to teacher certification and placement to CTE to special education.

Topics covered include...

  • IEPs and the Personal Curriculum
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Transition Services
  • Appropriate Placement of Teachers
  • Course Design and Earning Credit
  • Transcripts
  • Fourth Math Credit
  • Testing Out
  • Online Courses
  • CTE Waiver Options
  • Earning Core Credit Through CTE
  • Education Development Plans (EDPs)

Our thanks to MDE for partnering on the conference and for their work in bringing staff together to compile this information and answer questions comprehensively.

Remember that MASSP also compiled survey responses from the MMC Flexibility Conference participants into a white paper and infographics, which went out to members earlier this month. You can find that information here.