Ambassador Summit

Program Overview:

MASSP and MASC/MAHS has partnered with the Attorney General's Office and State Police to design, implement and support an innovative and engaging new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) OK2SAY program, in which Student Ambassadors are trained to help explain, promote and educate students and staff on the importance of early intervention and prevention in keeping our schools safe by confidentially reporting tips on potential harm or criminal activity to a trusted adult or OK2SAY.  

The new OK2SAY Student Ambassador program will train teams of students and adults from local schools to facilitate P2P mini-lessons (15-30 mins) about the OK2SAY program, including:

  • the need to stop the silence to help end the violence. 
  • ways students can protect themselves, their friends and their school.
  • how to confidentially report threats or acts of harm to oneself and/or others.

We invite teams of 4-8 students and 1-3 staff from your school to join us in this unique opportunity to positively impact a building culture, safety, and security. During the OK2SAY Ambassador Summits, teams will learn the presentation content, facilitation skills, and leadership dispositions necessary to lead P2P training and promote the OK2SAY confidential reporting system within their school. In addition to training, Student Ambassadors will receive access to our suite of program resources, student surveys and collection of presentations for a yearlong, targeted approach to the specific needs of your student population.

In the majority of violent incidents that occur in our schools, someone other than the perpetrator of violence knows of a threat before it’s carried out but fails to report it.  Often, students choose to keep quiet because they fear retaliation, rejection, or stigmatization by their peers. The result is a culture of silence in which students suffer harm that could have been prevented if another had chosen to speak out.  We look forward to partnering with you to stop the silence and keep each other safe from violence through the OK2SAY program.

School teams will leave our summits with:

  • Full understanding of the OK2SAY program
  • Student Ambassador role as program facilitators 
  • Deep dive into presentation materials 
  • Facilitation techniques
  • How to set up a schedule of presentations 
  • How to access the suite of resources available