Digging Deeper: The Teacher's Guide to Honing In On Data

Part 3

Participants previously identified students’ strengths and weaknesses...now what?! Continuing to cover too much content and administering more tests will not lead to different outcomes. Learn how to maximize the use of PSAT and SAT data and resources to impact achievement one unit, one lesson and one student at a time specifically in ELA or math.* During this workshop, teachers explore the College Board Portal to determine which reports provide the most actionable data; examine test items where students performed significantly better and/or worse than peer groups; and consider item types, academic vocabulary, key concepts and skills to target during instruction. Participants also engage in collaborative inquiry to identify where specific academic skills are taught within their curriculum, identify areas of focus utilizing the College Board’s Skills Insight Report and apply a PLC protocol to target instruction. 

Who should attend?

8-12 Teachers (Math or ELA), Department/SIP Chairs and Curriculum Directors 

The workshop includes:

  • A review of participant’s PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10 and/or SAT strength and weakness T-Charts from the previous workshop. 
  • Guidance on examining either the 8-12 ELA or math curriculum and College Board Academic Skills in order to identify overlaps and gaps. 
  • Directions for using the Skills Insight Report to identify academic skills and suggestions for improvement to target within a specific unit of study. 
  • Discussion on identifying students to target intervention using the College Board’s Instructional Planning Report. 

(*NOTE: This workshop is presented in two specific tracks: an option for ELA teachers and an option for math teachers.) 

Attendees have said...

"I’m glad I brought my Department Chairs. We are going to lead our staff through the activities we learned at our next PD Day."